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special offer

creating bespoke keys for a curriculum unique to you

Special Offer


5 bespoke units

KS1 My School, My School Grounds,

The Surrounding Environment, Fieldwork Skills in Practice &

KS2 The Local Area






Key icon displaying the price of £850 + VAT
only £850 + VAT
Bepoke keys

bespoke keys

Samples of B and C Educational's bespoke geography and history 'Keys' worksheets

geography units tailored to your school

special offer

Our standard bespoke package for geography includes the 5 units below:

Example B and C Educational bespoke primary geography 'Key'

 key stage 1

Key Cutout.png
Key Cutout.png
Key Cutout.png
Key Cutout.png

My School

My School Grounds

The Surrounding Environment

Fieldwork Skills in Practice

Key icon displaying the price of £850 + VAT
only £850 + VAT

 key stage 2

Key Cutout.png

The Local Area

Picture 1.png

For the fee of £850, we would develop bespoke, tailor-made keys, drawing on  the geography of your school, its grounds and surrounding environment and local area, working in partnership with your Geography Co-ordinator.

We can also create bespoke Key Stage 2 units  on Primary River Study and Coastal Study.

Contact us for a personalised quote to create your school's very own geography keys .

B and C Educational's Primary River Study 'Key'
B and C Educational's Coastal Study 'Key'

We are happy to develop these bespoke units unique to your school and locality – a service that sets us apart from other primary humanities suppliers.


This could be:

  •  individualised single  key units based on My School, My School Grounds, the Surrounding Environment, and Fieldwork Skills in Practice for Key Stage 1 Geography

  • individualised Local Area units for Key Stage 2 Geography

  • units based on significant people, places or events linked to your Local Area for Key Stage 1 History

  • Local Area history for Key Stage 2 History


Equally, we can devise a whole Humanities curriculum for you, within which both Geography and History have their distinctive role.

Full set of B and C Educational's geography 'Keys' for KS1 and KS2

full set of geography keys for ks1 and ks2

Buy all 8 keys together and save 15% across the whole range

Only £121.99 + VAT

our approach to ks1 and ks2 geography and History

Our vision is to raise the profile of geography and history in primary schools.

We aim to help you, as teachers, to nurture the enthusiastic, knowledgeable geographers and historians of the future, and inspire your pupils to be curious about the world, both past and present.

We do this by helping teachers like yourself deliver an outstanding curriculum, that meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensures skill progression. With our many years of teaching experience and passion for our subjects, why not work with us to create a special and unique curriculum for your school!?

Geographical Association Highly Commended Award badge 2018
Teach Primary Resource Awards badge 2018

our keys

Our keys to the National Curriculum offer a scheme of work, that supports the teaching of geography and history.

On each key, you’ll find everything you need to teach the subject area you’ve chosen, including objective links, subject information, activities, worksheets, maps, images and PowerPoint presentations, as well as learning outcomes.

A sample of the planning document you'll receive for each key is below, detailing what the pupils will learn and resources provided:

Sample B and C Educational Key to the National Curriculum planning document

why choose our keys?

Our keys have won the Geographical Association’s Publishers’ Award and a Teach Primary Resource Award.


Our keys are affordable for every school with a complete set costing just £121.99 + VAT and single units starting at £17.99.

excellent value for money

Supporting intent, implementation and impact, and offering relevant, exciting learning opportunities.

national curriculum compliant

Our keys include teacher guidance, PowerPoint presentations and worksheets, so are ideal for specialists and non-specialists alike.


We’ve done the planning and provide the knowledge and structure, allowing you to focus on the lesson delivery.


Our keys can fit into existing schemes of work or stand alone. They’re available to download instantly or as physical USB keys.


find out more about the subject areas we cover

y6 skills recap

Ensure your Year 6 pupils have the geography and history skills to progress to Key Stage 3 with confidence with our Be Geography Ready and Be History Ready units.

Sample documents from B and C Educational's Be Geography Ready 'Key'
Sample documents from B and C Educational's Be History Ready 'Key'

The Be Geography Ready and Be History Ready units will help you ensure your pupils have all the skills and knowledge that they should gain at primary school. Units are flexible so that they can used for the whole class, for small groups or individual children.


Buy as a package together and save £10.99!

be history and geography ready package

£34.99 + VAT

Y6 skills recap
Two teddy bears, one wearing a scarf with an umbrella behind him and the other is wearing an Isles of Scilly jumper


I'm thrilled I reached out to B&C Educational for help with our geography curriculum.

Our geography curriculum is now looking professional: compliant, progressive and sequenced.

It is fully resourced and ready to deliver.

Claire Joyce, Head Teacher,

Beech Grove Primary School, Somerset

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