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sequencing, progression & assessment

a whole school plan for primary history

By building your scheme of work with B&C Educational, you are ensuring that your curriculum meets National Curriculum requirements and harnesses progression.

Below is a sample long-term plan we created for one of our customers for history. It shows how our keys can be used throughout the school to teach the National Curriculum and build the pupils’ knowledge base.

Example B and C Educational whole-school history plan

To support assessment, we’ve also developed matrices that track where children are in terms of emerging, developing and secure skills, which can be tailored to the specific schemes of work schools adopt.

Below is a section from one we produced to monitor Key Stage 1 history skills:

Example B and C Educational KS1 history skills assessment matrix
City walls in York

set of 6 history keys

Set of six History Keys includes two KS1 keys and four KS2 keys

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