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Develop your geography curriculum using our Keys

Are you a geography subject lead or co-ordinator? We have just what you need to unlock KS1 & KS2 National Curriculum geography.

What’s on the key and what’s included

On the Key you will find everything you need to teach about geography in greater depth covering diverse places, people and natural and human environments.  Each Key includes;

  • Introduction to the Key

  • KS1 and KS2 coverage

  • Whole school overview plan 

  • Geography worksheets & activities, PowerPoints, web links

  • Teacher guidance

Click on the images below to download some example worksheets. You can also view more on our free example worksheet page.

“The content is accessible and well matched to the needs and interests of the target age groups.”

Alan Kinder, Chief Executive of the Geographical Association and judge for the 2018 Teach Primary Resources Awards

Example worksheet 3.png
Example worksheet 2.png
Example worksheet 1.png

Look at our example PowerPoint below, for example slides taken from all of our keys.

Example PPT.png

See below for an example lesson overview.

BC Trifold Zoomed.jpg
Key Cutout.png
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keys today!

we provide teachers with the knowledge and resources to deliver high quality geography KS1 and KS2 education

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