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B&C Educational's The Great Fire of London history key
  • The Great Fire of London

    This ‘Key’, focusing on the Great Fire of London, allows children to learn about a nationally significant event beyond living memory.


    Your children will learn about…

    • The story of the Great Fire of London
    • The cause and effect of the Great Fire of London
    • The significance of the fire and how it changed the shape of London
    • Primary and secondary sources of evidence
    • How the Great Fire of London is remembered


    And will love the engaging worksheets and activities investigating…

    • Timeline sequencing
    • Mapping the spread of the Great Fire of London
    • How London changed as a result of the Great Fire
    • How to evaluate Samuel Pepys’ account of the Great Fire


    Which, in turn, will help them to…

    • Develop a chronological understanding of when the Great Fire of London occurred
    • Have a chronological understanding of how the Great Fire started and spread
    • Understand how the fire changed the people's living conditions for the better
    • Understand how the different types of evidence can inform us about the past
    • Understand how a significant event in the past has contributed to national history


    Purchase today to get access to the planning leaflet, worksheets, video links and suggested activities, all of which align with KS2 National Curriculum History requirements.


    The 'Key' is also available to purchase as a digital download


    Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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