South Wales
  • South Wales

    This South Wales ‘Key’ allows children to investigate the industrial past and modern regeneration. They also learn about rivers and mountains.


    Your pupils will learn all about…

    • South Wales – a region in the UK
    • The physical geography of South Wales
    • The human geography of South Wales
    • Cardiff Bay Regeneration


    And will love the engaging worksheets and activities looking at…

    • Mining and settlement in the Valleys
    • Identifying landscape features on a cross section from Brecon Beacons to Bristol Channel
    • Describing the process of steelmaking from raw materials to biscuit tin
    • Holding a class debate on Is the Cardiff Bay Regeneration scheme a success?


    Which in turn will help them to…..

    • Describe the types of mining practised in South Wales
    • Identify aspects of the physical landscape of South Wales
    • Understand how iron and steel is made
    • Develop their ideas about the success or otherwise of the Cardiff Bay regeneration


    These are just a few examples of what the key unlocks! Purchase today to get access to the planning leaflet, worksheets, PowerPoints and suggested activities all of which keeps to the KS2 National Curriculum requirements.

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