The Paris Basin Region
  • The Paris Basin Region

    This Paris Basin ‘Key’ allows children to investigate life and work in and around Paris. Paris is a major European capital, a cultural centre visited by tourists from all over the world. It is also the agricultural heart of France.


    Your pupils will learn all about…

    • The Paris Basin – a region in France
    • The physical geography of The Paris Basin
    • The human geography of The Paris Basin
    • Tourism in The Paris Basin Region
    • The River Seine


    And will love the engaging worksheets and activities looking at…

    • The cities and physical features of France, Paris and The Paris Basin
    • The climate, soil types, landscape and important rivers of the region
    • Creating a children’s pictorial map for an afternoon visit to Paris
    • Researching produce and finding recipes using local produce from the region
    • Being geographical detectives in Le Harve


    Which in turn will help them to…..

    • Locate and label The Paris Basin, cities and physical features
    • Explain the features of a basin, in particular the Paris Basin
    • Explain the nature of the region and how it affects the type of jobs and settlements found
    • Explain the importance of tourism to the region
    • Appreciate the value of the port of Le Havre


    These are just a few examples of what the key unlocks! Purchase today to get access to the planning leaflet, worksheets, PowerPoints and suggested activities all of which keeps to the KS2 National Curriculum requirements.


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