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£24.99 special offer for two B&C Educational African Plastic Kettles

Pack of 2 African Plastic Kettles

Our African plastic kettles can be used with children in so many different ways! In the classroom (to help learn about West African culture), as part of a forest school/outdoor learning lesson, in a school garden space, on a campsite (it makes a great water carrier) or even in the home as a stylish watering can!


Put to use in 101 different ways throughout West Africa, including ritual cleansing, these colourful kettles are virtually indestructible and handily sized for children to carry and pour water safely outdoors.


A page of notes explaining more about the product and how it is traditionally used is also included giving you valuable information to help with your session planning if using in your classroom or outdoor learning setting.


By purchasing these two kettles you will also be helping to support local African economies!


Free delivery to all UK addresses!

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