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B&C Educational's Geographical Information Systems geography key
  • Geographic Information Systems

    The GIS 'Key' allows children to understand what Geographic Information Systems are, and how they can help capture, analyse and model data.


    Your pupils will learn all about…

    • Geographic Information Systems in general
    • GIS and its component parts
    • GIS and its many applications


    And will love the engaging worksheets and activities looking at…

    • What a Geographic Information System is
    • How the police use GIS to determine patterns in crimes
    • How local authorities use GIS to develop and evaluate flood defences
    • How GIS can help identify the best places to locate wind farms
    • How supermarkets use GIS to identify where to build their stores


    Which, in turn, will help them to…

    • Understand how locational and spatial data can be captured and modelled in a GIS
    • Explain why crime is focused in particular locations
    • Recognise that communities need to be protected from flooding and how that can be achieved
    • Understand how specific locations are selected for certain developments, like wind farms and supermarkets


    Purchase today to get access to the planning leaflet, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and suggested activities, all of which align with KS2 National Curriculum requirements.


    The 'Key' is also available to purchase as a digital download


    Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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