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Two B&C Educational Gambian Charcoal/Coal Pots
  • Gambian Charcoal/Coal Pots

    Our charcoal pots are a great additional resource to use alongside the Serrekunda Key to the National Curriculum key but are also widely used for outdoor learning. Used all over West Africa, these ingenious pots are made by people working at Serrekunda market in The Gambia.  More efficient than open fires, with less smoke and a reduced demand for firewood, they’re ideal for campfires in the woods making them particularly suitable for Forest Schools. Each pot comes with a page of notes explaining more about this fantastic product and how it is traditionally used.


    By purchasing one of our charcoal pots you will also be helping to support local African economies.


    Free delivery to all UK addresses!

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      Please note: The coal pot you receive may vary in style and colour from the illustration.

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