• Be Geography Ready Year 6 Unit

    Everything your Year 6 children need to know in preparation for Year 7 geography! This primary geography unit allows you to equip children with the primary geography skills and knowledge needed for success in their KS3 geography.


    There are 3 clear sections, the materials aim to remind teachers of the key National Curriculum requirements for geography focusing on:

    • Locational knowledge
    • Human and physical geography
    • Geographical skills and fieldwork


    Help your children recap what they have learnt since starting primary school using our:

    • Teacher guidance
    • Detailed printed booklet with planning
    • Links and revision video clips
    • Definition sheets
    • Activities and worksheet ideas


    All of which are included on one unique USB key.


    They will love the engaging worksheets and activities looking at…

    • Key geographical vocabulary for each section
    • Compasses and following routes
    • Maps, symbols, keys and four and six figure grid references
    • Geographical regions
    • Settlement – villages to megacities
    • Latitude & Longitude
    • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
    • Climate zones, biomes and vegetation zones
    • Energy, water and food resources
    • Geographical Information Systems


    Which is great for…..

    • Revisiting and consolidating their geographical learning
    • Transferring skills and knowledge into children's long-term memory and making it stick
    • Testing children’s geographical knowledge and skills can be applied appropriately


    These are just a few examples of what our Be Geography Ready key unlocks! Purchase today for just £22.99 +VAT to get access to the 18 page revision booklet, laminated planning overview, over 30 sheets of teacher guidance, worksheets & activities plus links and clips all of which conform with the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum requirements.


    With limited time left make sure your Year 6 children will Be Geography Ready for their geography adventure at secondary school!  Simply add to the cart, complete the order and await (FREE) delivery!


    Please get in touch if you have any specific questions or want more information. We’d love to hear from you and help you teach the essentials of primary geography to your class.

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