Ancient Egypt – achievements of the earliest civilisations
  • Ancient Egypt – achievements of the earliest civilisations

    We are delighted to be working alongside history specialist Stuart Tiffany (Mr T Does History) to provide this primary KS2 history Key to the National Curriculum resource. This unit encourages children to investigate and comprehend the achievements of the earliest civilizations: Ancient Egypt.


    Following the National Curriculum, this module will help children to understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance, and use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends, frame historically-valid questions and create their own structured accounts, including written narratives and analyses.


    Your children will learn about…


    • Where and when the first civilisations appeared
    • the significance of the Egyptian achievements
    • different aspects of Egyptian culture
    • the importance of Egyptian writing and why it was such an achievement
    • the Rosetta Stone
    • the legacy of Egypt and their monuments.


    and will love the engaging worksheets and activities investigating…

    • The course of the River Nile
    • the Egyptian year and how it tied into the flooding of the Nile and farming tasks
    • how farming was crucial to allowing the Egyptian civilisation to grow
    • how the pyramids were built and positioned using astronomy
    • the discovery of Tutankhamun and the artefacts found in the tomb
    • the similarities and differences between the lives of the different people in Egyptian society.
    • where the majority of people in Ancient Egypt lived and worked in terms of the societal structure


    which in turn will help them to…..

    • identify the similarities between the periods of history
    • draw comparisons between lives today and in the past
    • locate evidence to answer a specific question
    • make links between achievements and the tombs
    • talk about how an achievement improved lives or made a civilisation more successful


    These are just a few examples of what the Ancient Egypt key unlocks!


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