Bespoke Keys

personalised for

your school

& local area

We can offer the option of developing bespoke units which can be unique to your school.


Follow these easy steps to develop your geography curriculum.

1. Add individualised local key units

We can help you develop KS1 geography activities based on My School, My School Grounds and the Surrounding Environment and for KS2, an individualised Local Area unit.


Our customised resources and worksheets help your children understand the geography of their own school and its own environment and use their geographical skills.


2. Add customised special key units

These units can be commissioned by request. We have produced Key Units for other schools on;

  • Local areas for KS2

  • South West England (focusing on Michael Morpurgo’s book Aldophus Tips)

  • The Galapagos Islands

  • Modern Greece (to link with History work on Ancient Greek)

  • Ancient Egypt (to link with History work on Ancient Egypt)

  • Merryhill and Dudley

  • Wroxeter

  • The Global Citizen (for Rights Respecting Schools Award)

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Globally Significant Places

3. Support your whole Humanities Curriculum

We are able to help you link your Geography curriculum with the History and/or Religious Education to devise a whole Humanities curriculum within which each subject clearly has its place.

“The scheme has already raised the profile of geography within school and I have loved working with B&C to develop bespoke units on the local area. All the staff are excited to implement these into the curriculum.”

Tara Bradfield, Geography lead - Straits Primary school

Milking Bank Fieldwork JPEG.jpg

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with them on a bespoke unit on ‘The Bostin Black Country’ their enthusiasm and dedication was second to none! I can’t thank them enough for the hours of research they put in to make our unit so enjoyable. The children had some many moments of awe and wonder and just loved being able to see maps of our local area in the present and the past.”

Jodie Richardson, Senior Leader - Milking Bank Primary School

“Working with B&C Educational has been a pleasure. With their support and guidance, we have been able to create a geography curriculum which is exciting, relevant and personal to our school.”

Marcia Harris - Head of Cradley C of E Primary School

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“An exciting feature is the bespoke curriculum design service; the makers of the scheme will work with individual schools to develop units of worked linked to the local area.”


Judges comments from Teach Primary Awards 2019

Peters Hill Image.png

We have worked with Peters Hill Primary School, in Dudley and St Bernard's, Birmingham, creating new modules with their Geography Co-ordinator/lead on -


            My School

            My School Environment

            My School Grounds 

            Surrounding Environment

            Local Area 


all of which draw on real life local examples.

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Key Cutout.png
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Key Cutout.png

““This tailored approach really works for us and is having a great impact across the school.”

Simon Duncan, Head, at Peters Hill Primary School

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Peters Hill 4.png

Please get in touch if you’d like more information on this opportunity.

We’d be delighted to come and talk to you about how this personalised approach could work for your school.